Comparison: Boot space Mercedes-Benz EQV vs. competitors 2024

How much cargo can handle this ?

Mercedes-Benz EQV is not just about sleek design and electric power - it's also a practical choice for those who need a spacious vehicle to accommodate their personal and professional needs. With its current model offering a boot space of a generous 1030 liters, it stands tall as a voluminous option perfect for luggage, groceries, or oversized items. And when you fold down the rear seats, this beauty astonishingly frees up a whopping 4630 liters of storage space. So worry not if you have a big family or plan road trips with friends - the EQV has got you covered.

Mercedes-Benz EQV - How has the boot space changed over the generations?

Currently, the EQV has only one generation on the market, so change in trunk size over the generations is not applicable. However, it's important to remember that the EQV represents a commitment from Mercedes-Benz to constantly innovate and improve electric driving. As such, future generations of the EQV are bound to continue being developed with this in mind, and boot space will likely remain a priority for buyers of these vehicles.

The boot space of the current generation of EQV is 1410 l.

The boot space compared to other Mercedes-Benz models

Comparing the EQV to other Mercedes-Benz models, it sits at the top with its 1030 liters of boot space. The only model that comes close in trunk volume is the eVito Tourer, offering 990 liters. If you dig a little deeper, the Marco Polo Horizon, and the Marco Polo Activity both provide a respectable 830 liters of boot space. On the other end of the spectrum, smaller models like the A-Class and A-Class AMG boast much less with 350 liters. So, the EQV undoubtedly claims its top spot in terms of storage capabilities within the Mercedes-Benz lineup.

Mercedes-Benz EQV vs other current cars by Mercedes-Benz

(Boot space)
Boot space: EQV vs. other models by Mercedes-Benz
Variant nameBoot space
AMG SL 213 l
AMG GT Coupé 321 l
S{class} AMG Limousine 330 l
EQA 340 l
A{class} AMG 350 l
A{class} 350 l
GLS AMG 355 l
Maybach GLS 355 l
GLS 355 l
C{class} AMG Cabriolet 355 l
C{class} Coupé 360 l
C{class} Cabriolet 360 l
CLE Cabriolet 385 l
A{class} AMG Limousine 395 l
A{class} Limousine 395 l
C{class} AMG Coupé 400 l
CLE AMG Coupé 410 l
CLE Coupé 420 l
GLA 425 l
EQE 430 l
EQE AMG 430 l
C{class} Limousine 435 l
GLA AMG 435 l
Maybach EQS SUV 440 l
C{class} T-Modell 440 l
CLA Coupé 440 l
B{class} 455 l
AMG GT {4door} Coupé 456 l
CLA AMG Coupé 460 l
C{class} AMG Limousine 480 l
CLA Shooting Brake 485 l
C{class} AMG T-Modell 490 l
CLS AMG Coupé 490 l
C{class} All-Terrain 490 l
CLS Coupé 490 l
EQB 495 l
CLA AMG Shooting Brake 505 l
Maybach S{class} Limousine 505 l
Citan Tourer 517 l
T{class} 520 l
EQE SUV 520 l
E{class} Limousine 540 l
GLC AMG Coupé 545 l
GLC Coupé 545 l
S{class} Limousine 550 l
eCitan Tourer 551 l
EQT 551 l
GLB 565 l
GLB AMG 570 l
EQS AMG 610 l
EQS 610 l
V{class} 610 l
E{class} All-Terrain 615 l
E{class} T-Modell 615 l
GLC 620 l
GLC AMG 620 l
GLE 630 l
GLE AMG 630 l
EQS SUV 645 l
GLE AMG Coupé 655 l
GLE Coupé 655 l
G{class} AMG Station-Wagen {long} 667 l
G{class} Station-Wagen {long} 667 l
Marco Polo 670 l
Vito Tourer 720 l
Marco Polo Horizon 830 l
Marco Polo Activity 830 l
eVito Tourer 990 l
EQV 1030 l
Sprinter Tourer 9000 l
1. AMG SL 213 l
4. EQA 340 l
9. GLS 355 l
19. GLA 425 l
20. EQE 430 l
36. EQB 495 l
48. EQT 551 l
49. GLB 565 l
52. EQS 610 l
56. GLC 620 l
58. GLE 630 l
70. EQV 1030 l

How does the boot space of the Mercedes-Benz EQV compare to it's nearest competitors?

As for comparing the EQV with its nearest competitors, its 1030 liters of trunk space surpasses rivals like the VW Transporter with 763 liters, the Toyota Proace with 989 liters, and the Mercedes-Benz Vito with 990 liters. However, it's worth noting that the Peugeot Expert and the Citroen Jumpy both come with a trunk size of 3497 liters, significantly more than the EQV. Regardless, with a spacious cabin and an intelligent blend of luxury, technology, and practicality, the Mercedes-Benz EQV remains a solid option for those who desire ample boot space wrapped in a premium package.

Mercedes-Benz EQV vs. similar cars

(Boot space)
Boot space: Mercedes-Benz EQV vs. similar cars
Car modelBoot space
Mercedes-Benz EQV 20241410 l
Maxus Euniq 6 2023754 l
XPeng G9 2024660 l
NIO EL6 2023597 l
Skoda Enyaq 2021585 l
Mercedes-Benz EQT 2023551 l
ZEEKR 001 2024539 l
Polestar 4 2024526 l
BMW iX2 2024525 l
BMW i5 2023490 l
Ligier Myli 2023459 l
Ford Explorer EV 2024450 l
XPeng P7 2024440 l
Elaris Jaco 2023414 l
BYD Seal 2023400 l
smart #3 2023370 l
ZEEKR X 2024362 l
Honda e:Ny1 2023361 l
BYD Dolphin 2023345 l
Kia EV9 2023333 l
Volvo EX30 2024318 l
HiPhi Z 2023316 l
GWM ORA 03 2024228 l
Estrima Birò 2022122 l
Fiat Topolino 202363 l

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