Comparison: Ground clearance BMW i8 vs. competitors 2024

When discussing the dynamic world of automotive engineering, one factor that aficionados often overlook, yet secretly appreciate every time they don't hear the alarming scrape of an underbelly on a speed bump, is ground clearance. Enter the BMW i8 - a vehicle that not only turned heads with its futuristic design but also posed a curious case for ground clearance debates. Conjuring images of sleek, low-lying supercars often at odds with the real-world practicality of higher clearances, the i8 struts a confident 117 mm off the ground, a figure that has steadfastly remained unchanged through its lifecycle from 2014 to 2020. A number that, while seemingly modest, is a testament to BMW's engineering prowess, balancing aerodynamics, aesthetics, and real-world usability.

BMW i8 - How has the ground clearance changed over the generations?

Now, one might wonder, has the i8's ground clearance seen a dramatic evolution through its generational shift? The answer is as sleek as the car itself - no. From its debut in 2014 to its final bow in 2020, the i8 maintained a ground clearance of 117 mm. This consistency highlights BMW's clear vision for the i8 from the onset; a vehicle that does not compromise its stance, quite literally, through trends and years. This steadfast figure in the i8's specifications sheet underscores a design philosophy that marries form with function in a manner that's as precise as the car's handling.

The difference in Ground clearance between first generation (i8 I08) from 2014 and last generation (i8 I08 (1. Facelift)) from 2018 is 0cm mm.
The ground clearance of the current generation of i8 is 117 mm.


BMW i8 variants: i8 Coupé vs. i8 Roadster

(Ground clearance)
Ground clearance: BMW i8 variants
Variant nameGround clearance
i8 Coupé117 mm
i8 Roadster117 mm

The ground clearance compared to other BMW models

In the grand pantheon of BMW models, where does the i8's ground clearance stand, you ask? Centrally, as a matter of fact, when you consider the broader lineup. Comparatively, the automotive giant's roster varies widely in clearance heights, from the ground-hugging M models, like the M4 CSL Coupé at 113 mm, to the lofty realms of the X series, with models like the X5 standing proud at 214 mm. The i8 occupies a sweet spot that allows it to wield the agility of lower-slung sports cars while not entirely dismissing the practical consideration of navigating less-than-ideal road terrains.

BMW i8 vs other current cars by BMW

(Ground clearance)
Ground clearance: i8 vs. other models by BMW
Variant nameGround clearance
4{series} M4 CSL Coupé 113 mm
Z4 M Performance Roadster 114 mm
Z4 Roadster 117 mm
8{series} Cabrio 118 mm
3{series} M3 CS Limousine 119 mm
5{series} M5 CS Limousine 119 mm
4{series} M4 Coupé 120 mm
3{series} M3 Limousine 120 mm
8{series} Coupé 121 mm
4{series} M4 Cabrio 121 mm
3{series} M3 Touring 122 mm
2{series} M2 Coupé 123 mm
4{series} Cabrio 124 mm
8{series} M Performance Cabrio 125 mm
i4 M Performance 125 mm
i4 125 mm
4{series} M Performance Cabrio 126 mm
8{series} M8 Cabrio 127 mm
4{series} Coupé 127 mm
2{series} M Performance Coupé 128 mm
8{series} Gran Coupé 128 mm
8{series} M Performance Coupé 128 mm
8{series} M Performance Gran Coupé 128 mm
4{series} M Performance Coupé 129 mm
3{series} M Performance Touring 130 mm
3{series} M Performance Limousine 130 mm
8{series} M8 Coupé 130 mm
8{series} M8 Gran Coupé 130 mm
2{series} M Performance Cabrio 130 mm
5{series} M Performance Limousine 131 mm
5{series} M5 Limousine 132 mm
7{series} 136 mm
7{series} M Performance 136 mm
i5 M Performance Limousine 136 mm
i7 M Performance 136 mm
i7 136 mm
i5 M Performance Touring 137 mm
6{series} GT 138 mm
2{series} Coupé 140 mm
2{series} Cabrio 140 mm
4{series} M Performance Gran Coupé 140 mm
3{series} Touring 140 mm
4{series} Gran Coupé 140 mm
3{series} Limousine 140 mm
5{series} Touring 140 mm
5{series} Limousine 144 mm
i5 Limousine 146 mm
i5 Touring 147 mm
1{series} M Performance 153 mm
1{series} 153 mm
iX2 167 mm
iX1 170 mm
2{series} Active Tourer 171 mm
iX3 179 mm
X2 182 mm
X1 M Performance 189 mm
iX M Performance 203 mm
iX 203 mm
X4 M 204 mm
X4 M Performance 204 mm
X3 204 mm
X3 M 204 mm
X4 204 mm
X3 M Performance 204 mm
X1 205 mm
X5 M 212 mm
X6 M 212 mm
X5 214 mm
X5 M Performance 214 mm
X6 216 mm
X6 M Performance 216 mm
X7 M Performance 221 mm
X7 221 mm
16. i4 125 mm
36. i7 136 mm
51. iX2 167 mm
52. iX1 170 mm
54. iX3 179 mm
55. X2 182 mm
58. iX 203 mm
59. X4 M 204 mm
61. X3 204 mm
62. X3 M 204 mm
63. X4 204 mm
65. X1 205 mm
66. X5 M 212 mm
67. X6 M 212 mm
68. X5 214 mm
70. X6 216 mm
73. X7 221 mm

How does the ground clearance of the BMW i8 compare to it's nearest competitors?

When thrown into the gladiatorial arena against its closest rivals, how does the i8's ground clearance measure up? Against the likes of the Ferrari 488 GTB or the McLaren 570S, the i8's 117 mm might seem, at first glance, to be a middle-of-the-road proposition. However, when factors like wheelbase and overall length come into play, the i8 asserts itself as a cunningly designed contender. Its ground clearance offers a competitive advantage, striking a balance that contributes to its aerodynamic efficiency and driving dynamics. Against the Lotus Evora, with a similar clearance of 120 mm but a shorter overall length, the i8 demonstrates BMW's mastery of creating a vehicle that does not compromise performance for practicality, or vice versa. It's this careful consideration of design and engineering specs that positions the i8 uniquely in its class - a vehicle that, much like the driver behind its wheel, understands that to navigate the complexities of the road, one must maintain just the right distance from the ground.

BMW i8 vs. similar cars

(Ground clearance)
Ground clearance: BMW i8 vs. similar cars
Car modelGround clearance
Polestar 1 2020142 mm
Lexus RC 2016130 mm
ALPINA B4/D4 (4er-Reihe) 2014130 mm
Bugatti Chiron 2016125 mm
Aston Martin DB11 2016122 mm
Aston Martin DBS Superleggera 2018120 mm
BMW i8 2018117 mm
Honda NSX 2016104 mm
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 201496 mm
McLaren Sports Series 201593 mm

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