Comparison: Boot space Mercedes-Benz GLB vs. competitors 2024

How much cargo can handle this ?

The Mercedes-Benz GLB is a versatile compact SUV that has been making waves for its outstanding boot space. With the ability to accommodate a variety of cargo loads, it's rapidly becoming a favorite among those who need both luxury and utility. The latest GLB offers a boot space of 570 liters with the rear seats up and a cavernous 1805 liters with the rear seats folded. This makes it a perfect choice for anyone who might need to transport large items or go on extended road trips with a lot of baggage.

Mercedes-Benz GLB - How has the boot space changed over the generations?

Let's take a stroll down memory lane to see how the boot space has evolved in the GLB over time. From 2019 to 2023, the GLB boasted a boot space of 570 liters and could expand to 1805 liters with the seats down. However, with the 2023 facelift, Mercedes-Benz decided to tweak things a bit, resulting in a slightly reduced boot space of 565 liters and 1800 liters with the seats folded. While the difference is marginal, it’s clear Mercedes-Benz is constantly refining their models to maximize every inch of available space.

The difference in Boot space between first generation (GLB 247) from 2019 and last generation (GLB 247 (1. Facelift)) from 2023 is 5 l.
The boot space of the current generation of GLB is 570 l.


Mercedes-Benz GLB variants: GLB vs. GLB AMG

(Boot space)
Boot space: Mercedes-Benz GLB variants
Variant nameBoot space
GLB565 l
GLB AMG570 l
1. GLB 565 l
2. GLB AMG 570 l

The boot space compared to other Mercedes-Benz models

Within the broader Mercedes-Benz lineup, the GLB proudly sits as one of the top contenders for boot space. It outpaces models like the EQA and the CLA Coupé, which offer 340 liters and 440 liters respectively. Even the V-Class, which is almost synonymous with space, trails behind in terms of default boot space at 495 liters. Only larger SUVs and crossovers like the GLC and GLE surpass the GLB, but for a compact SUV, the GLB holds its own quite commendably.

Mercedes-Benz GLB vs other current cars by Mercedes-Benz

(Boot space)
Boot space: GLB vs. other models by Mercedes-Benz
Variant nameBoot space
AMG SL 213 l
AMG GT Coupé 321 l
S{class} AMG Limousine 330 l
EQA 340 l
A{class} 350 l
A{class} AMG 350 l
C{class} AMG Cabriolet 355 l
GLS AMG 355 l
Maybach GLS 355 l
GLS 355 l
C{class} Coupé 360 l
C{class} Cabriolet 360 l
CLE Cabriolet 385 l
A{class} AMG Limousine 395 l
A{class} Limousine 395 l
C{class} AMG Coupé 400 l
CLE AMG Coupé 410 l
CLE Coupé 420 l
GLA 425 l
EQE AMG 430 l
EQE 430 l
C{class} Limousine 435 l
GLA AMG 435 l
Maybach EQS SUV 440 l
CLA Coupé 440 l
C{class} T-Modell 440 l
B{class} 455 l
AMG GT {4door} Coupé 456 l
CLA AMG Coupé 460 l
C{class} AMG Limousine 480 l
CLA Shooting Brake 485 l
C{class} AMG T-Modell 490 l
CLS Coupé 490 l
C{class} All-Terrain 490 l
CLS AMG Coupé 490 l
EQB 495 l
Maybach S{class} Limousine 505 l
CLA AMG Shooting Brake 505 l
Citan Tourer 517 l
EQE SUV 520 l
T{class} 520 l
E{class} Limousine 540 l
GLC AMG Coupé 545 l
GLC Coupé 545 l
S{class} Limousine 550 l
eCitan Tourer 551 l
EQT 551 l
GLB 565 l
GLB AMG 570 l
EQS AMG 610 l
EQS 610 l
V{class} 610 l
E{class} All-Terrain 615 l
E{class} T-Modell 615 l
GLC AMG 620 l
GLC 620 l
GLE AMG 630 l
GLE 630 l
EQS SUV 645 l
GLE AMG Coupé 655 l
GLE Coupé 655 l
G{class} Station-Wagen {long} 667 l
G{class} AMG Station-Wagen {long} 667 l
Marco Polo 670 l
Vito Tourer 720 l
Marco Polo Horizon 830 l
Marco Polo Activity 830 l
eVito Tourer 990 l
EQV 1030 l
Sprinter Tourer 9000 l
1. AMG SL 213 l
4. EQA 340 l
10. GLS 355 l
19. GLA 425 l
21. EQE 430 l
36. EQB 495 l
48. EQT 551 l
49. GLB 565 l
52. EQS 610 l
57. GLC 620 l
59. GLE 630 l
70. EQV 1030 l

How does the boot space of the Mercedes-Benz GLB compare to it's nearest competitors?

Now, how does the Mercedes-Benz GLB stack up against its closest competitors? Take the Jaguar E-Pace for instance, which offers a mere 577 liters of boot space compared to the GLB's 570 liters. While the difference isn't significant, every liter counts when packing for a family vacation. The Volvo XC60 falls further behind with 495 liters. Additionally, the Peugeot 4008 stands at 416 liters of boot capacity, making the GLB's capacity feel almost palatial in comparison. All things considered, if you’re seeking a compact luxury SUV with remarkable boot space, the GLB is a choice you won't regret.

Mercedes-Benz GLB vs. similar cars

(Boot space)
Boot space: Mercedes-Benz GLB vs. similar cars
Car modelBoot space
Toyota Land Cruiser J8/J10/J20 19981318 l
Jeep Grand Cherokee 19991104 l
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2005958 l
Dodge Journey 2008784 l
Cadillac XT4 2020637 l
Hyundai Grand Santa Fe 2013634 l
Hyundai ix55 2009598 l
Mercedes-Benz GLB 2023570 l
Mercedes-Benz R-Klasse 2005550 l
Jaguar XF 2008540 l
Mercedes-Benz GLC 2015505 l
Mercedes-Benz CLS 2004505 l
Audi A8 2002500 l
BMW X5 2000465 l
Infiniti QX30 2016430 l
Peugeot 508 2010400 l
Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse 2000250 l
Hyundai Staria 2021117 l

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