Comparison: height Kia Picanto vs. competitors 2024

Car height of the Kia Picanto is typically defined as the distance from the ground to the highest point on the car, including any protuberances such as roof rails.The height of the car impacts comfort, spaciousness, fuel consumption and noise in the cabin A hatchback can be any height depending on the make and model, but they tend to be similar in size to other cars in their class.With it’s length of 3605 mm and width of 1595 mm, the Kia Picanto has a height of 1485 mm. The highest car you can find in the same category is Ford Transit Connect Kastenwagen lang 1.8 (P*2 ), which is 496mm more than the Picanto 1.0 - 1981 mm.For illustration, the difference in length between the Kia and the Ford is 920mm in favor of the Ford . On the contrary, the lowest in the " vehicle" category is Morgan Plus Four 2.0 Turbo , which is 1250 mm - that makes it 235mm shorter than the Kia in question.Length-wise, the Morgan outperforms the rival by 225mm.

Kia Picanto - How has the height changed over the generations?

Kia Picanto generations

Kia Picanto generations
Generation yearHeight
Picanto, Model year 2004 (BA)1480 mm
Picanto, Model year 2008 (BA (1. Facelift))1480 mm
Picanto, Model year 2009 (BA (2. Facelift))1480 mm
Picanto, Model year 2011 (TA)1480 mm
Picanto, Model year 2015 (TA (1. Facelift))1480 mm
Picanto, Model year 2017 (JA)1485 mm
Picanto, Model year 2020 (Picanto JA (1. Facelift))1485 mm
Picanto, Model year 2024 (Picanto JA (2. Facelift))1485 mm
The difference in height between first generation (BA) from 2004 and last generation (Picanto JA (2. Facelift)) from 2024 is 0.5cm mm.
The height of the current generation of Picanto is 1485 mm.

The height compared to other Kia models

Kia Picanto vs other current cars by Kia

Height: Picanto vs. other models by Kia
Variant nameHeight
Stinger 1400 mm
ProCeed GT 1422 mm
ProCeed 1422 mm
Ceed GT 1442 mm
Ceed 1447 mm
Rio 1450 mm
Ceed Sportswagon 1465 mm
XCeed 1483 mm
Picanto 1485 mm
Stonic 1505 mm
Niro 1535 mm
Niro Hybrid 1545 mm
EV6 1550 mm
e-Niro 1560 mm
Niro EV 1570 mm
e-Soul 1600 mm
Sportage 1650 mm
Sorento 1695 mm
EV9 1780 mm
1. Stinger 1400 mm
3. ProCeed 1422 mm
4. Ceed GT 1442 mm
5. Ceed 1447 mm
6. Rio 1450 mm
8. XCeed 1483 mm
9. Picanto 1485 mm
10. Stonic 1505 mm
11. Niro 1535 mm
13. EV6 1550 mm
14. e-Niro 1560 mm
15. Niro EV 1570 mm
16. e-Soul 1600 mm
17. Sportage 1650 mm
18. Sorento 1695 mm
19. EV9 1780 mm

How does the height of the Kia Picanto compare to it's nearest competitors?

Kia Picanto vs. similar cars

Height: Kia Picanto vs. similar cars
Car modelHeight
Ford Transit Connect 20021981 mm
Nissan Townstar 20221838 mm
Renault Express 20211811 mm
Toyota Proace City 20201796 mm
SsangYong Torres 20231710 mm
Dacia Jogger 20221674 mm
Chevrolet Trax 20131674 mm
Fiat 500L 20121665 mm
Renault Austral 20221618 mm
Opel Grandland 20221609 mm
SsangYong XLV 20161605 mm
Opel Crossland 20171605 mm
Suzuki S-Cross 20221580 mm
SEAT Altea 20041568 mm
Citroen C3 Pluriel 20031559 mm
Hyundai Kona 20171550 mm
Toyota Urban Cruiser 20091525 mm
VW Taigo 20211518 mm
Mitsubishi Space Star 20021515 mm
Hyundai Bayon 20211490 mm
KIA Picanto 20241485 mm
Hyundai i30 20071480 mm
Citroen C2 20031474 mm
Brilliance BS4 20081450 mm
Opel Corsa 20001440 mm
BMW 503 19561440 mm
Lancia Dedra 19941430 mm
Citroen Xantia 19981400 mm
Ford Streetka 20021335 mm
Porsche 924 19761270 mm
Morgan Plus Four 20201250 mm

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