Comparison: Ground clearance Kia Picanto vs. competitors 2024

When it comes to navigating the undulating terrain of the urban jungle, with its speed bumps of Everest proportions and crater-like potholes, the ground clearance of your chariot is as critical as the wit in a Jeremy Clarkson quip. In the spotlight today is the Kia Picanto - a stalwart in the city car segment, eagerly showing off its belly to the world. But is it flashing a ground-hugging low rider stance or prancing like a nimble mountain goat? Let's delve into the riveting world of ground clearances and see how the Picanto stacks up, shall we?

Kia Picanto - How has the ground clearance changed over the generations?

Throughout its generations, the Kia Picanto's ground clearance has been as unpredictable as a British summer. Initially, in the BA models from 2004 to 2017, Kia kept the ground clearance data as close to their chest as the Colonel's secret recipe, with a resounding '0' in our database. However, come 2017 with the launch of the JA model, the Picanto suddenly stood tall, strutting a respectable 141 mm off the ground - quite the leap, giving it a rather sprightly leg-up in the urban clearance stakes.

Kia Picanto generations

(Ground clearance)
Kia Picanto generations
Generation yearGround clearance
Picanto, Model year 2004 (BA)0 mm
Picanto, Model year 2008 (BA (1. Facelift))0 mm
Picanto, Model year 2009 (BA (2. Facelift))0 mm
Picanto, Model year 2011 (TA)0 mm
Picanto, Model year 2015 (TA (1. Facelift))0 mm
Picanto, Model year 2017 (JA)141 mm
Picanto, Model year 2020 (Picanto JA (1. Facelift))141 mm
Picanto, Model year 2024 (Picanto JA (2. Facelift))141 mm
The difference in Ground clearance between first generation (BA) from 2004 and last generation (Picanto JA (2. Facelift)) from 2024 is 14.1cm mm.
The ground clearance of the current generation of Picanto is 141 mm.

The ground clearance compared to other Kia models

Comparing apples and slightly larger apples within the Kia orchard, the Picanto's 141 mm ground clearance might not summon mountains to mind, but it parcels up a nice middle ground. Contrast that with the Kia Stinger's sedan-slithering 130 mm, and our Picanto is practically on stilts. However, venture further into the SUV territory with models like the Stonic at 165 mm and the Sorento commanding a towering 174 mm clearance, and our plucky Picanto is suddenly not such a high-rider. Though, for its segment and urban pretensions, it's perched just right.

Kia Picanto vs other current cars by Kia

(Ground clearance)
Ground clearance: Picanto vs. other models by Kia
Variant nameGround clearance
Stinger 130 mm
Picanto 141 mm
Niro EV 150 mm
e-Niro 155 mm
e-Soul 155 mm
EV6 160 mm
Niro Hybrid 160 mm
Niro 160 mm
Stonic 165 mm
Sportage 170 mm
XCeed 172 mm
Sorento 176 mm
EV9 177 mm
1. Stinger 130 mm
2. Picanto 141 mm
3. Niro EV 150 mm
4. e-Niro 155 mm
5. e-Soul 155 mm
6. EV6 160 mm
8. Niro 160 mm
9. Stonic 165 mm
11. XCeed 172 mm
12. Sorento 176 mm
13. EV9 177 mm

How does the ground clearance of the Kia Picanto compare to it's nearest competitors?

In the grand Colosseum of compact cars, the Kia Picanto, standing at 141 mm, glares across at its adversaries. The Renault Zoe, for instance, scrapes closer to the ground at just 120 mm, potentially faltering at the first sight of a lofty speed bump. Then there's the Dacia Sandero, swaggering in with a 155 mm ground clearance, looking down upon our Picanto. The Suzuki SX4, with an intimidating 175 mm, might as well be a monster truck in comparison. However, not all rivals tower over; the Fiat Panda pitches in at 165 mm, slightly loftier but still within the same playground. Thus, in the grand scheme of things, the Picanto brandishes a respectable 'middle of the pack' ground clearance that balances urban agility and the odd adventurous escapade like a well-seasoned trapeze artist.

Kia Picanto vs. similar cars

(Ground clearance)
Ground clearance: Kia Picanto vs. similar cars
Car modelGround clearance
Dacia Jogger 2022200 mm
SsangYong Torres 2023195 mm
Opel Grandland 2022188 mm
Toyota Proace City 2020182 mm
Suzuki S-Cross 2022175 mm
Renault Austral 2022170 mm
Hyundai Kona 2017170 mm
SsangYong XLV 2016167 mm
Hyundai Bayon 2021165 mm
Renault Express 2021160 mm
Chevrolet Trax 2013158 mm
KIA Picanto 2024141 mm
Toyota Urban Cruiser 2009140 mm

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