Comparison: Boot space Kia Picanto vs. competitors 2024

How much cargo can handle this ?

Ah, the Kia Picanto, the spunky little car that's like a treasured pet – compact, reliable, and with a boot space that, much like a small dog's carrying case, is surprisingly accommodating for its size. Over the years, this feisty little motor has proven itself to be the Swiss Army knife of urban driving, squirreling away your shopping bags with more gusto than you'd expect. But how does this diminutive dynamo really stack up in the grand boot space arena? Let's dive in, shall we, and explore the evolution and competitors of this automotive Tardis.

Kia Picanto - How has the boot space changed over the generations?

From its early days back in 2004, the Picanto's boot space was, let's be honest, more 'piccolo' than 'fortissimo', with a modest 127 liters. Not exactly roomy, but enough for a few bags of groceries or a couple of small suitcases. Fast forward to 2011, and something magical happened – the boot space expanded to a more generous 200 liters, signaling Kia's intent to compete more aggressively in the segment. By 2017, someone at Kia clearly had an epiphany, boosting the boot to a rather impressive 255 liters, giving the latest models (2017 onwards) a boot you could actually boast about at dinner parties, with a cavernous 1010 liters available once you fold those rear seats down.

Kia Picanto generations

(Boot space)
Kia Picanto generations
Generation yearBoot space
Picanto, Model year 2004 (BA)127 l
Picanto, Model year 2008 (BA (1. Facelift))127 l
Picanto, Model year 2009 (BA (2. Facelift))127 l
Picanto, Model year 2011 (TA)200 l
Picanto, Model year 2015 (TA (1. Facelift))200 l
Picanto, Model year 2017 (JA)255 l
Picanto, Model year 2020 (Picanto JA (1. Facelift))255 l
Picanto, Model year 2024 (Picanto JA (2. Facelift))255 l
The difference in Boot space between first generation (BA) from 2004 and last generation (Picanto JA (2. Facelift)) from 2024 is 128 l.
The boot space of the current generation of Picanto is 255 l.

The boot space compared to other Kia models

Within the Kia orchard, the Picanto is like the charming, smaller apple that's easy to pick, especially when you compare it to its siblings. It sits at the base of the tree, with the Kia e-Soul (315 liters), Kia Rio (325 liters), and the Kia EV9 (333 liters) looking down from higher branches, each offering progressively more boot space. This makes the Picanto the plucky underdog of the family, offering a boot space that, while not the largest, provides ample room for the day-to-day escapades of city living.

Kia Picanto vs other current cars by Kia

(Boot space)
Boot space: Picanto vs. other models by Kia
Variant nameBoot space
Picanto 255 l
e-Soul 315 l
Rio 325 l
EV9 333 l
Stonic 352 l
Ceed GT 395 l
Ceed 395 l
Stinger 406 l
XCeed 426 l
Niro 436 l
e-Niro 451 l
Niro Hybrid 451 l
Niro EV 475 l
EV6 490 l
Sportage 591 l
ProCeed 594 l
ProCeed GT 594 l
Ceed Sportswagon 625 l
Sorento 705 l

How does the boot space of the Kia Picanto compare to it's nearest competitors?

But what happens when the Picanto is thrown into the gladiatorial arena with its rivals? The Renault Zoe, for instance, wields a mightier 338 liters of boot space, dwarfing the Picanto's offer. Then there's the Citroen C1 and the Toyota Aygo, both of which, at a measly 130 liters, make the Picanto look like it's been hitting the gym. The Fiat Panda stands its ground with a 200-liter boot, squarely challenging the Picanto. But, if we're comparing creatures of the urban jungle, the smart ForTwo's boot space is laughable at 150 liters, making the Picanto seem like a veritable cargo ship. When it comes to length and wheelbase, these rivals vary widely, with some offering a more compact footprint than the Picanto, and others stretching out a bit more for those extra liters of boot space. It's a veritable mix-match of dimensions, but in this numbers game, the Picanto holds its ground with a boot that punches well above its weight class.

Kia Picanto vs. similar cars

(Boot space)
Boot space: Kia Picanto vs. similar cars
Car modelBoot space
Ford Transit Connect 20023700 l
Nissan Townstar 2022775 l
SsangYong Torres 2023703 l
Opel Grandland 2022514 l
Renault Austral 2022500 l
Lancia Dedra 1994480 l
Citroen Xantia 1998480 l
VW Taigo 2021440 l
Brilliance BS4 2008430 l
Suzuki S-Cross 2022430 l
Fiat 500L 2012412 l
Hyundai Bayon 2021411 l
Opel Crossland 2017410 l
SEAT Altea 2004409 l
Mitsubishi Space Star 2002370 l
Hyundai Kona 2017361 l
Chevrolet Trax 2013356 l
Hyundai i30 2007340 l
Toyota Urban Cruiser 2009314 l
Citroen C3 Pluriel 2003266 l
Opel Corsa 2000260 l
KIA Picanto 2024255 l
Porsche 924 1976250 l
Citroen C2 2003224 l
Ford Streetka 2002214 l
Dacia Jogger 2022160 l

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