Comparison: length Ineos Grenadier vs. competitors 2024

Right, let's delve into the Ineos Grenadier, an off-road bruiser making waves not just for its rugged style, but for its purposeful proportions. This vehicle has a length of 4895 mm, and if you think that’s impressive, you're not alone. The Grenadier's length is a topic of much admiration and relevance in the expansive universe of SUVs and off-roaders. Length here doesn't just denote the physical space it occupies; it's a symbol of the business end of what an SUV can encapsulate. The longer wheelbase offers additional interior space without compromising the rugged feel that the vehicle promises.

Ineos Grenadier - How has the length changed over the generations?

Now, let's talk history. The Ineos Grenadier's inception in the automotive world began in 2022. Given that we’re still in the first generation, there’s no rollercoaster of evolutionary changes to dissect—at least, not yet. However, the foundational length of 4895 mm firmly sets the stage for any future iterations. It’s clear Ineos didn’t wade tentatively into the market; they cannonballed right in, and the Grenadier’s imposing length is testament to that bold entry.

The length of the current generation of Grenadier is 5440 mm.


The length compared to other Ineos models

Shifting gears to where the Grenadier fits within its own family, let's put things into perspective. The Ineos lineup isn’t sprawling, but the models do pack a punch. The Ineos Grenadier's length matches identically with the Grenadier Station Wagon at 4895 mm. They’re effectively siblings squabbling over the same carport space. Go up a notch, and you reach the mighty Ineos Grenadier Quartermaster, boasting a lengthier stature at 5440 mm. It's as if the Quartermaster lifts its chin just a bit higher, an elder brother flexing his size.

How does the length of the Ineos Grenadier compare to it's nearest competitors?

So, where does the Grenadier stand when side-by-side with rivals? If you put it next to the Suzuki Across, the Grenadier has a significant upper hand with a longer stature, basically making the Across look like it should still be carded at the bar. The Suzuki Across has a length roughly 6% shorter. Compared to the Nissan Patrol, the Grenadier is outclassed by approximately 2%, with the Patrol having a bit more length to boast. Meanwhile, facing down the Ford Edge sees the Grenadier stretching a noticeable 2% further. But let’s step into the heavyweight ring; against the colossus VW Nutzfahrzeuge Crafter, the Grenadier's length noodles into a cozier comparison, being about 7% shorter. Not to be outdone by the Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse, the Grenadier inches ahead by roughly 2%. To sum it up, it’s a blend—the Grenadier sometimes just doesn’t match the sheer length of some competitors but more than holds its own in many contenders’ company.

Ineos Grenadier vs. similar cars

Length: Ineos Grenadier vs. similar cars
Car modelLength
Jeep Gladiator 20215591 mm
Ineos Grenadier 20225440 mm
Renault Alaskan 20175399 mm
Mercedes-Benz X-Klasse 20175340 mm
Fiat Fullback 20165295 mm
VW Nutzfahrzeuge Amarok 20105254 mm
Hyundai Staria 20215253 mm
Chevrolet S10 Pickup 19985164 mm
Nissan Navara 20055133 mm
Mazda BT-50 20075075 mm
Isuzu D-Max 20075030 mm
Nissan NP300 20085020 mm
Mazda B-Serie 19995020 mm
Ford Ranger 20025012 mm
Audi Q8 20184986 mm
Opel Campo 19984980 mm
Nissan Pickup 19984975 mm
SsangYong Musso 20034935 mm
Mitsubishi L200 19974935 mm
Toyota Hilux 20014785 mm
ALPINA XD4 20184751 mm
Mercedes-Benz GLB 20194634 mm
Cadillac XT4 20204593 mm
Fiat Strada 19994404 mm
Casalini 550 20223000 mm
Ligier JS 60 20203000 mm
Casalini M20 20223000 mm
Microcar M.Go 20192999 mm
Microcar Dué 20192870 mm
Ligier JS 50 20192850 mm
Aixam Emotion 20202780 mm

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