Comparison: height Polestar 2 vs. competitors 2023

Car height of the Polestar 2 is typically defined as the distance from the ground to the highest point on the car, including any protuberances such as roof rails.The height of the car impacts comfort, spaciousness, fuel consumption and noise in the cabin of this medium Swedish hatchback. A hatchback can be any height depending on the make and model, but they tend to be similar in size to other cars in their class.With it’s length of 4606 mm and width of 1859 mm, the Polestar 2 has a height of 1479 mm. The highest car you can find in the same category is e.GO Mobile e.wave X (Life ), which is 159mm more than the 2 Standard Range Single Motor (64 kWh) - 1638 mm.For illustration, the difference in length between the Polestar and the e.GO Mobile is 1246mm in favor of the Polestar . On the contrary, the lowest in the "medium hatchback" category is Chevrolet Volt , which is 1439 mm - that makes it 40mm shorter than the Polestar in question.Length-wise, the Polestar outperforms the rival by 108mm.

Polestar 2 - How has the height changed over the generations?

The height of the current generation of 2 is 1479 mm.

The height compared to other Polestar models

Polestar 2 vs other current cars by Polestar

Height: 2 vs. other models by Polestar
Variant nameHeight
2 1479 mm
3 1614 mm
1. 2 1479 mm
2. 3 1614 mm

How does the height of the Polestar 2 compare to it's nearest competitors?

Polestar 2 vs. similar cars

Height: Polestar 2 vs. similar cars
Car modelHeight
e.GO Mobile e.wave X 20221638 mm
Peugeot iOn 20101610 mm
Citroen C-Zero 20101610 mm
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 20101610 mm
ORA Funky Cat 20221603 mm
e.GO Mobile Life 20191588 mm
BMW i3 20131578 mm
Elaris Finn 20211568 mm
VW ID.3 20201568 mm
Renault Zoe 20131562 mm
Microcar M.Go 20191560 mm
Nissan Leaf 20121545 mm
CUPRA Born 20211540 mm
Opel Rocks-e 20211520 mm
Honda e 20201512 mm
Mazda 2 Hybrid 20221505 mm
MG MG4 20221504 mm
Micro Microlino 20191501 mm
Microcar Dué 20191485 mm
Polestar 2 20201479 mm
Casalini M20 20221470 mm
Casalini 550 20221470 mm
Aixam Sensation 20171470 mm
Aixam Emotion 20201470 mm
Ligier JS 50 20191466 mm
Hyundai IONIQ 20161450 mm
VW Arteon 20171450 mm
Tesla Model S 20131445 mm
Tesla Model 3 20191443 mm
Opel Ampera 20111439 mm
Chevrolet Volt 20111439 mm

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