Comparison: Ground clearance Polestar 2 vs. competitors 2024

Ground clearance is the distance between the lowest point on a Polestar 2's undercarriage and the ground.It is an important factor to consider when driving off-road or in areas with rough terrain, as a higher ground clearance allows this to clear obstacles more easily.With it’s wheelbase of 2735 mm and height of 1479 mm, the Polestar 2 has a ground clearance of 151 mm. It's the longest amongst similar cars in the "medium hatchback" category - MG MG4 Electric (4287 mm),Peugeot iOn (3475 mm) or Polestar 2 Standard Range Single Motor (64 kWh) (4606 mm).

Polestar 2 - How has the ground clearance changed over the generations?

The ground clearance of the current generation of 2 is 151 mm.

The ground clearance compared to other Polestar models

Polestar 2 vs other current cars by Polestar

(Ground clearance)
Ground clearance: 2 vs. other models by Polestar
Variant nameGround clearance
2 151 mm
4 166 mm
3 202 mm
1. 2 151 mm
2. 4 166 mm
3. 3 202 mm

How does the ground clearance of the Polestar 2 compare to it's nearest competitors?

Polestar 2 vs. similar cars

(Ground clearance)
Ground clearance: Polestar 2 vs. similar cars
Car modelGround clearance
Polestar 2 2020151 mm
MG MG4 2022150 mm
Peugeot iOn 2010150 mm
Citroen C-Zero 2010150 mm
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2010150 mm
Honda e 2020145 mm
Tesla Model S 2013144 mm
Tesla Model 3 2019140 mm
BMW i3 2013140 mm
Hyundai IONIQ 2016140 mm
VW Arteon 2017138 mm
ORA Funky Cat 2022135 mm
Mazda 2 Hybrid 2022135 mm
Elaris Finn 2021127 mm
Micro Microlino 2019125 mm
Renault Zoe 2013120 mm

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