Comparison: Turning circle Mercedes-Benz GLE vs. competitors 2024

The Mercedes-Benz GLE is a prominent figure in the realm of luxury SUVs, renowned for its refined elegance, robust performance, and cutting-edge technology. However, when considering the GLE’s practicality, one key metric that stands out is its turning circle. The turning circle, a measure of the vehicle's maneuverability, is an essential factor for urban driving and tight parking spaces. As of the most recent model, the 2023 GLE, the turning circle is a spacious 12 meters, a slight increase from its predecessors. But how does this compare to its rivals and other models within the Mercedes-Benz lineup?

Mercedes-Benz GLE - How has the turning circle changed over the generations?

Over the generations, the Mercedes-Benz GLE has evolved considerably in its features and capabilities, though its turning circle has seen minimal changes. From the 2015-2019 GLE 166/292 model, the turning circle has consistently been 11.8 meters, carried through to the 2019-2023 GLE 167. It wasn’t until the latest 2023 GLE facelift that we witness a minute increase to 12 meters. This minor increment can be attributed to the larger dimensions and enhanced stability features, but it's worth noting that even such a minuscule shift can affect maneuverability in constrained spaces.

The difference in Turning circle between first generation (GLE 166/292) from 2015 and last generation (GLE 167 (1. Facelift)) from 2023 is 0.2 m.
The turning circle of the current generation of GLE is 12.00 m.


Mercedes-Benz GLE variants: GLE vs. GLE AMG vs. GLE AMG Coupé vs. GLE Coupé

(Turning circle)
Turning circle: Mercedes-Benz GLE variants
Variant nameTurning circle
GLE12.00 m
GLE AMG12.40 m
GLE AMG Coupé12.40 m
GLE Coupé11.90 m
1. GLE 12.00 m
2. GLE AMG 12.40 m
4. GLE Coupé 11.90 m

The turning circle compared to other Mercedes-Benz models

When we stack up the GLE’s turning circle against other siblings in the Mercedes-Benz family, its position becomes more evident. With a turning circle of 12 meters, the GLE situates itself amongst the larger Mercedes-Benz models, such as the premium GLS and the elegant S-Class AMG Limousine, which boast 12.5 meters and 12.3 meters respectively. On the flip side, more compact models like the A-Class Limousine and B-Class exhibit more nimbleness with turning circles as tight as 11 meters. However, even compared to similarly sized models like the GLB (at 11.7 meters) or the GLC (at 11.8 meters), the GLE stands out for its slightly larger turning circle, underscoring its emphasis on spaciousness and grandiosity over tight-cornering agility.

Mercedes-Benz GLE vs other current cars by Mercedes-Benz

(Turning circle)
Turning circle: GLE vs. other models by Mercedes-Benz
Variant nameTurning circle
A{class} Limousine 11.00 m
B{class} 11.00 m
A{class} 11.00 m
CLA Shooting Brake 11.10 m
CLA Coupé 11.10 m
CLA AMG Shooting Brake 11.10 m
CLA AMG Coupé 11.10 m
EQT 11.20 m
C{class} Cabriolet 11.20 m
eCitan Tourer 11.20 m
eCitan {VAN} 11.20 m
Citan {VAN} 11.20 m
CLE Cabriolet 11.20 m
C{class} Coupé 11.20 m
CLE Coupé 11.20 m
C{class} AMG T-Modell 11.20 m
C{class} Limousine 11.20 m
C{class} T-Modell 11.20 m
C{class} AMG Cabriolet 11.30 m
EQA 11.40 m
GLA 11.40 m
C{class} All-Terrain 11.50 m
A{class} AMG Limousine 11.50 m
A{class} AMG 11.50 m
E{class} Limousine 11.60 m
E{class} T-Modell 11.60 m
E{class} All-Terrain 11.60 m
EQB 11.70 m
GLB 11.70 m
GLC Coupé 11.80 m
Citan Tourer 11.80 m
T{class} 11.80 m
GLC 11.80 m
V{class} 11.80 m
Marco Polo Horizon 11.80 m
Marco Polo 11.80 m
Vito Tourer 11.80 m
GLE Coupé 11.90 m
EQS 11.90 m
CLS Coupé 11.90 m
Maybach EQS SUV 11.90 m
EQS SUV 11.90 m
GLE 12.00 m
C{class} AMG Coupé 12.10 m
Sprinter {VAN} 12.10 m
C{class} AMG Limousine 12.10 m
EQS AMG 12.10 m
S{class} AMG Limousine 12.30 m
GLC AMG Coupé 12.30 m
GLA AMG 12.30 m
CLE AMG Coupé 12.30 m
EQE SUV AMG 12.30 m
EQE SUV 12.30 m
EQE AMG 12.40 m
GLE AMG 12.40 m
AMG SL 12.40 m
GLE AMG Coupé 12.40 m
CLS AMG Coupé 12.50 m
EQE 12.50 m
GLS 12.50 m
GLB AMG 12.50 m
GLS AMG 12.50 m
Maybach GLS 12.50 m
S{class} Limousine 12.50 m
AMG GT Coupé 12.60 m
AMG GT {4door} Coupé 12.60 m
Vito {VAN} 12.90 m
EQV 12.90 m
eVito {VAN} 12.90 m
Marco Polo Activity 12.90 m
GLC AMG 12.90 m
eVito Tourer 12.90 m
Sprinter Tourer 13.30 m
Maybach S{class} Limousine 13.40 m
G{class} AMG Station-Wagen {long} 13.60 m
G{class} Station-Wagen {long} 13.60 m
eSprinter {VAN} 15.70 m
2. B{class} 11.00 m
3. A{class} 11.00 m
8. EQT 11.20 m
20. EQA 11.40 m
21. GLA 11.40 m
28. EQB 11.70 m
29. GLB 11.70 m
32. T{class} 11.80 m
33. GLC 11.80 m
34. V{class} 11.80 m
39. EQS 11.90 m
42. EQS SUV 11.90 m
43. GLE 12.00 m
47. EQS AMG 12.10 m
50. GLA AMG 12.30 m
53. EQE SUV 12.30 m
54. EQE AMG 12.40 m
55. GLE AMG 12.40 m
56. AMG SL 12.40 m
59. EQE 12.50 m
60. GLS 12.50 m
61. GLB AMG 12.50 m
62. GLS AMG 12.50 m
68. EQV 12.90 m
71. GLC AMG 12.90 m

How does the turning circle of the Mercedes-Benz GLE compare to it's nearest competitors?

In comparison to its nearest rivals, the Mercedes-Benz GLE’s turning circle is par for the course among luxury SUVs but does show a level of conservatism compared to several competitors. For instance, the Volvo XC60 and the Audi Q3 both match the GLE at 11.8 meters, while the Cadillac XT4 achieves a tighter 11.6 meters, illustrating a slight edge in maneuverability. The Suzuki S-Cross, however, blows the rest out of the water with an impressive whipping 10.8 meters, allowing for more nimble handling in urban environments. Similarly, the Kia Niro weighs in at 10.6 meters, showcasing that while the GLE excels in offering luxury and space, it does so at a sacrifice of a tighter turning radius. The GLE’s larger size and wheelbase - which extends up to 2945 mm - inherently impacts its ability to effortlessly navigate tight corners, unlike the more compact rivals that seamlessly slide through urban spaces.

Mercedes-Benz GLE vs. similar cars

(Turning circle)
Turning circle: Mercedes-Benz GLE vs. similar cars
Car modelTurning circle
Ligier JS 60 20209.50 m
Peugeot 4008 201210.60 m
SsangYong Korando 201110.60 m
Hyundai Tucson 200410.80 m
Dodge Nitro 200711.10 m
Hyundai Grand Santa Fe 201311.20 m
SsangYong Actyon 200611.20 m
Hyundai Santa Fe 200111.30 m
Hyundai ix55 200911.40 m
Infiniti QX30 201611.40 m
Renault Koleos 200811.60 m
Cadillac XT4 202011.60 m
Ford Kuga 200811.60 m
Mercedes-Benz GLB 201911.70 m
Mercedes-Benz GLC 201511.80 m
ALPINA XD3 201311.90 m
Ford Edge 201611.90 m
Jaguar E-Pace 201811.90 m
Volvo XC60 200811.90 m
Citroen C-Crosser 200712.00 m
Mercedes-Benz GLE 202312.00 m
BMW X5 200012.10 m
Mercedes-Benz GL-Klasse 200612.10 m
ALPINA XD4 201812.10 m
Audi e-tron 201912.20 m
Audi Q8 201813.30 m

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