Comparison: Boot space Lamborghini Centenario vs. competitors 2023

How much cargo can handle this medium Coupe?

Boot space is usually measured in liters or cubic feet. To measure the boot space of medium Italian coupe, the manufacturer will fill the boot with small balls or blocks, and then measure the volume of the space that they occupy. This method provides an accurate measurement of the amount of space that is available in the boot. With it’s length of 4924 mm and wheelbase of 2700 mm, the Lamborghini Centenario has a bootspace of 60 l. The largest car boot you can find amongst "medium coupe" has Ferrari F12 berlinetta (F152 ), which is 440l more than the Centenario LP770-4 - 500 l.For illustration, the difference in length between the Lamborghini and the Ferrari is -306mm in favor of the Lamborghini. On the other hand, the smallest boot space amongst similar cars has the Alfa Romeo 4C , which is 40 l - that makes it 20l less than the Lamborghini in question.Length-wise, the Lamborghini outperforms the rival by 935mm.

Lamborghini Centenario - How has the boot space changed over the generations?

The boot space of the current generation of Centenario is 60 l.


Lamborghini Centenario variants: Centenario vs. Centenario Roadster

(Boot space)
Boot space: Lamborghini Centenario variants
Variant nameBoot space
Centenario60 l
Centenario Roadster60 l

The boot space compared to other Lamborghini models

How does the boot space of the Lamborghini Centenario compare to it's nearest competitors?

Lamborghini Centenario vs. similar cars

(Boot space)
Boot space: Lamborghini Centenario vs. similar cars
Car modelBoot space
Ferrari F12 berlinetta 2013500 l
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 4-Türer Coupé 2018456 l
Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2016450 l
ALPINA B4/D4 (4er-Reihe) 2014445 l
McLaren GT Series 2019420 l
Lexus RC 2016366 l
Aston Martin DB11 2016280 l
Ferrari Roma 2020272 l
Aston Martin DBS Superleggera 2018270 l
Ferrari 488 2015230 l
McLaren Sports Series 2015220 l
Lexus LC 2017172 l
Ferrari F8 2019170 l
Aston Martin DB9 GT 2015155 l
BMW i8 2014154 l
Polestar 1 2020143 l
Honda NSX 2016110 l
Lamborghini Huracán 2014100 l
Alpine A110 201796 l
Ferrari SF90 202074 l
Lamborghini Veneno 201360 l
Lamborghini Centenario 201660 l
Alfa Romeo 4C 201440 l

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