Comparison: Turning circle Kia Stinger vs. competitors 2023

Turning circle is important for city driving, even for a medium hatchback. Hatchbacks like the Kia Stinger 2.2 CRDi are often used in cities because they offer a lot of practicality for their relatively short length, which in this case is 4830 mm. But their practicality is enhanced by a good turning circle, which makes them easier to manoeuvre even in narrow city streets.Turning circle is measured in meters it takes for the Stinger 2.2 CRDi to complete a whole circle (diameter). With it’s length of 4830 mm and wheelbase of 2905 mm, the Kia Stinger 2.2 CRDi has a turning circle of 11.2 m. The best turning abilities you can find amongst similar vehicles has Aixam Sensation City ( ), which is 8.00 m. For comparison, the wheelbase of the Sensation City is 1795 mm and the length is 4830 mm. On the contrary, the worst-in-class value of 12.30 m belongs to the BMW 630i Gran Turismo . It’s wheelbase is 3070 mm and width is 1902 mm.

Kia Stinger - How has the turning circle changed over the generations?

Kia Stinger generations

(Turning circle)
Kia Stinger generations
Generation yearTurning circle
Stinger, Model year 2017 (CK)11.20 m
The turning circle of the current generation of Stinger is 11.20 m.

The turning circle compared to other Kia models

Kia Stinger vs other current cars by Kia

(Turning circle)
Turning circle: Stinger vs. other models by Kia
Variant nameTurning circle
Picanto 9.40 m
Rio 10.20 m
Stonic 10.40 m
Ceed 10.60 m
ProCeed GT 10.60 m
ProCeed 10.60 m
Ceed Sportswagon 10.60 m
Ceed GT 10.60 m
e-Soul 10.60 m
XCeed 10.60 m
Niro 10.60 m
e-Niro 10.60 m
Niro Hybrid 10.60 m
Niro EV 10.60 m
Sportage 10.90 m
Stinger 11.20 m
Sorento 11.60 m
EV6 11.60 m
1. Picanto 9.40 m
2. Rio 10.20 m
3. Stonic 10.40 m
4. Ceed 10.60 m
6. ProCeed 10.60 m
8. Ceed GT 10.60 m
9. e-Soul 10.60 m
10. XCeed 10.60 m
11. Niro 10.60 m
12. e-Niro 10.60 m
14. Niro EV 10.60 m
15. Sportage 10.90 m
16. Stinger 11.20 m
17. Sorento 11.60 m
18. EV6 11.60 m

How does the turning circle of the Kia Stinger compare to it's nearest competitors?

Kia Stinger vs. similar cars

(Turning circle)
Turning circle: Kia Stinger vs. similar cars
Car modelTurning circle
Aixam Sensation 20178.00 m
Aixam Emotion 20208.00 m
Aixam Minauto 20188.00 m
Microcar M.Go 20198.30 m
Microcar Dué 20198.30 m
Ligier JS 50 20198.70 m
Casalini 550 20229.00 m
Casalini M20 20229.00 m
Fiat 500 20079.20 m
Honda e 20209.20 m
BMW i3 20139.90 m
e.GO Mobile Life 20199.90 m
KIA Picanto 200410.00 m
Rover 25 200010.00 m
Skoda Scala 201910.20 m
CUPRA Born 202110.20 m
VW ID.3 202010.30 m
Alfa Romeo 145 199410.40 m
Fiat Bravo 200710.40 m
Fiat Brava 199810.40 m
Audi A2 200010.50 m
Hyundai IONIQ 201610.60 m
VW Fox 200510.60 m
Renault R20 197610.90 m
Audi A3 200010.90 m
KIA Stinger 201711.20 m
Tesla Model S 201311.30 m
Tesla Model 3 201911.80 m
VW Arteon 201711.90 m
BMW 6er-Reihe GT 201712.30 m

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