Comparison: Ground clearance Kia Stinger vs. competitors 2024

Ground clearance is the distance between the lowest point on a Kia Stinger's undercarriage and the ground.It is an important factor to consider when driving off-road or in areas with rough terrain, as a higher ground clearance allows this to clear obstacles more easily.With it’s wheelbase of 2905 mm and height of 1400 mm, the Kia Stinger has a ground clearance of 130 mm. The highest ground clearance you can find amongst similar vehicles has Skoda Scala 1.6 TDI (NW ), which is 19mm more than the Stinger 2.2 CRDi - 149 mm.To give an example, the Skoda has a 19mm higher ground clearance compared to the Kia , giving the Skoda an advantage in this aspect. On the other hand, the worst ground clearance in the "medium hatchback" category is the VW Fox 1.4 TDI , which is 111 mm - that makes it 19mm less than the Kia in question.Height-wise, the Kia outperforms the rival by 144mm.

Kia Stinger - How has the ground clearance changed over the generations?

Kia Stinger generations

(Ground clearance)
Kia Stinger generations
Generation yearGround clearance
Stinger, Model year 2017 (CK)130 mm
The ground clearance of the current generation of Stinger is 130 mm.

The ground clearance compared to other Kia models

Kia Stinger vs other current cars by Kia

(Ground clearance)
Ground clearance: Stinger vs. other models by Kia
Variant nameGround clearance
Stinger 130 mm
Picanto 141 mm
Niro EV 150 mm
e-Niro 155 mm
e-Soul 155 mm
EV6 160 mm
Niro Hybrid 160 mm
Niro 160 mm
Stonic 165 mm
Sportage 170 mm
XCeed 172 mm
Sorento 174 mm
EV9 177 mm
1. Stinger 130 mm
2. Picanto 141 mm
3. Niro EV 150 mm
4. e-Niro 155 mm
5. e-Soul 155 mm
6. EV6 160 mm
8. Niro 160 mm
9. Stonic 165 mm
11. XCeed 172 mm
12. Sorento 174 mm
13. EV9 177 mm

How does the ground clearance of the Kia Stinger compare to it's nearest competitors?

Kia Stinger vs. similar cars

(Ground clearance)
Ground clearance: Kia Stinger vs. similar cars
Car modelGround clearance
Skoda Scala 2019149 mm
Honda e 2020145 mm
Tesla Model S 2013144 mm
Tesla Model 3 2019140 mm
BMW i3 2013140 mm
Hyundai IONIQ 2016140 mm
VW Arteon 2017138 mm
BMW 6er-Reihe GT 2017138 mm
KIA Stinger 2017130 mm
Elaris Finn 2021127 mm
VW Fox 2005111 mm

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