Comparison: Ground clearance Honda HR-V vs. competitors 2024

Ground clearance is often an overlooked yet critical aspect when evaluating crossovers and SUVs. It determines the vehicle's capability to traverse over rough terrain, avoid underbody damage, and deliver a comfortable ride height. The Honda HR-V, renowned for its urban-oriented design, strikes a balance with its ground clearance. As of the most recent model, the Honda HR-V boasts a ground clearance of 188 mm. This characteristic enhances its ability to handle mild off-road conditions while maintaining a smooth city driving experience.

Honda HR-V - How has the ground clearance changed over the generations?

Over the years, the Honda HR-V has seen considerable changes in its ground clearance. The first-generation HR-V models, produced from 1998 to 2005, did not prominently feature ground clearance figures in their specifications. With the arrival of the second-generation HR-V (2015-2018), the ground clearance was set at 170 mm, which was then modestly increased to 185 mm with the facelift in 2018-2021. The current, third-generation HR-V, which rolled out in 2022, carries a ground clearance of 188 mm, reflecting a gradual but steady improvement catering to enhanced off-road capability and urban driving comfort.

Honda HR-V generations

(Ground clearance)
Honda HR-V generations
Generation yearGround clearance
HR-V, Model year 1998 (1.Generation)0 mm
HR-V, Model year 2000 (1.Generation (1. Facelift))0 mm
HR-V, Model year 2015 (2.Generation)170 mm
HR-V, Model year 2018 (2.Generation (1. Facelift))185 mm
HR-V, Model year 2022 (HR-V 3. Generation)188 mm
The difference in Ground clearance between first generation (1.Generation) from 1998 and last generation (HR-V 3. Generation) from 2022 is 18.8cm mm.
The ground clearance of the current generation of HR-V is 188 mm.

The ground clearance compared to other Honda models

Within Honda's lineup, the HR-V's ground clearance surpasses that of its siblings such as the Honda NSX at a mere 104 mm and the Honda Civic at 128 mm. However, it is outstripped by the rugged Honda CR-V, which offers a heftier 198 mm, making it more apt for off-road adventures. Interestingly, models like the Honda e:Ny1 and Honda Jazz Crosstar sit below the 150-mm mark, categorizing them as much lower riding vehicles when compared to the HR-V. Thus, within the context of Honda's portfolio, the HR-V occupies a versatile middle ground, combining practical urban driveability with reasonable off-road competencies.

How does the ground clearance of the Honda HR-V compare to it's nearest competitors?

When pitched against rival offerings, the Honda HR-V holds its own ground but faces stiff competition. For instance, the Subaru XV, a vehicle built for more rugged terrains, flaunts 220 mm of clearance, making the HR-V's 188 mm seem somewhat modest. Similarly, the Nissan Qashqai and Renault Kadjar each boast 200 mm of ground clearance, edging out the HR-V. On the flip side, the VW T-Roc stands at a lesser 161 mm, and the Hyundai ix35 mirrors a slightly lower 170 mm, both underscoring the HR-V's superior stature. This difference places the HR-V comfortably between its low-slung rival, the VW T-Roc, and the more ground-clearing Subaru XV. Even the Jeep Renegade, with 175 mm, sits slightly lower. In terms of overall dimensions, like length and wheelbase, the HR-V balances well within its segment, providing ample interior space without compromising on manoeuvrability.

Honda HR-V vs. similar cars

(Ground clearance)
Ground clearance: Honda HR-V vs. similar cars
Car modelGround clearance
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2011215 mm
Lynk & Co 01 2021213 mm
BMW X4 2014204 mm
Toyota Highlander 2021202 mm
Audi Q5 2008200 mm
Renault Arkana 2021199 mm
DS Automobiles DS 7 2018190 mm
Opel Grandland X 2017188 mm
Honda HR-V 2022188 mm
Mercedes-Benz GLK-Klasse 2008187 mm
Genesis GV70 2021185 mm
Lexus NX 2014185 mm
BMW X2 2018182 mm
Nissan Murano 2008180 mm
Suzuki Across 2020180 mm
Mazda CX-60 2022176 mm
KIA Niro 2016160 mm
Lexus UX 2019160 mm
Infiniti EX 2009149 mm
Infiniti QX50 2013149 mm
MG HS/EHS 2021145 mm

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