Comparison: Turning circle BMW 5{series} vs. competitors 2024

Ah, the BMW 5er-Reihe, the chariot of choice for those who deem driving a venerated ritual rather than a mundane task. It's a vessel that encapsulates luxury, performance, and, perhaps unexpectedly, a remark on how to execute a balletic U-turn with grace. The turning circle of a vehicle, often an overlooked aspect in the car enthusiast sphere, shines a light on the model's evolution and its adroitness in urban environments. The 5er-Reihe has pirouetted its way through decades, but how does its rotational prowess fare in today's asphalt jungles compared to its ancestors and rivals alike?

BMW 5{series} - How has the turning circle changed over the generations?

From the 10.50m balletic twirls of the pioneering E12 series to the slightly more cumbersome 12.30m of the latest G60/G61, the BMW 5 Series has seen its turning circle expand in tandem with its dimensions, and presumably, its ambitions. As the decades rolled by and the 5 Series grew not just in size but in sophistication, its turning radius similarly swelled, betraying the inevitable trade-off between size and maneuverability. Indeed, the evolution of the 5er-Reihe’s turning circle is a testament to its journey from a sprightly young executive saloon to a mature, if somewhat portly, luxury icon.

BMW 5{series} generations

(Turning circle)
BMW 5{series} generations
Generation yearTurning circle
5er-Reihe, Model year 1972 (E12)10.50 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 1976 (E12 (1. Facelift))10.50 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 1981 (E28/E28S)10.90 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 1988 (5er-Reihe E34/E34S/E345S)11.00 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 1995 (E39)11.30 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 1999 (5er-Reihe E39/E39S (1. Facelift))11.30 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 2003 (E60/E61)11.40 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 2007 (5er-Reihe E60/E61 (1. Facelift))11.40 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 2009 (F07/F10/F10M/F11)12.00 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 2013 (5er-Reihe F07/F10/F10M/F11 (1. Facelift))12.00 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 2017 (5er-Reihe G30/G31/F90)12.10 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 2020 (5er-Reihe G30/G31/F90 (1. Facelift))12.00 m
5er-Reihe, Model year 2023 (5er-Reihe G60/G61)12.40 m
The difference in Turning circle between first generation (E12) from 1972 and last generation (5er-Reihe G60/G61) from 2023 is 1.9 m.
The turning circle of the current generation of 5{series} is 12.30 m.


BMW 5{series} variants: 5{series} Limousine vs. 5{series} Touring

(Turning circle)
Turning circle: BMW 5{series} variants
Variant nameTurning circle
5{series} Limousine12.30 m
5{series} Touring12.30 m

The turning circle compared to other BMW models

In the grand ballet of BMW models, the 5er-Reihe performs with a turning circle that is, shall we say, middle of the pack. It's neither the nimblest twirler like the 2 Series Coupe with its 10.90m turning circle, nor does it demand the swath of tarmac that the colossal X7 does with its 13.00m of needed clearance. It sits comfortably, executing its pirouettes with a 12.30m turning circle in the current G60/G61 generation, showcasing a blend of agility and stature- a juxtaposition of performance and luxury that's just so... BMW.

BMW 5{series} vs other current cars by BMW

(Turning circle)
Turning circle: 5{series} vs. other models by BMW
Variant nameTurning circle
2{series} M Performance Cabrio 10.90 m
2{series} Coupé 10.90 m
2{series} Cabrio 10.90 m
Z4 Roadster 11.00 m
Z4 M Performance Roadster 11.00 m
3{series} Limousine 11.30 m
X2 11.30 m
4{series} Cabrio 11.40 m
3{series} Touring 11.40 m
2{series} Active Tourer 11.40 m
1{series} 11.40 m
1{series} M Performance 11.40 m
4{series} Coupé 11.40 m
2{series} M Performance Coupé 11.60 m
X1 M Performance 11.70 m
X1 11.70 m
8{series} Cabrio 11.90 m
i5 M Performance Touring 11.90 m
8{series} Coupé 11.90 m
i5 M Performance Limousine 11.90 m
2{series} M2 Coupé 11.90 m
8{series} M Performance Coupé 11.90 m
8{series} M Performance Cabrio 11.90 m
iX2 11.90 m
iX1 11.90 m
3{series} M Performance Limousine 12.00 m
4{series} Gran Coupé 12.00 m
4{series} M Performance Cabrio 12.00 m
4{series} M Performance Coupé 12.00 m
3{series} M Performance Touring 12.00 m
X3 12.00 m
5{series} Limousine 12.00 m
4{series} M Performance Gran Coupé 12.00 m
X3 M Performance 12.00 m
5{series} Touring 12.00 m
X4 12.10 m
X4 M Performance 12.10 m
iX3 12.10 m
8{series} M8 Cabrio 12.20 m
3{series} M3 Limousine 12.20 m
3{series} M3 CS Limousine 12.20 m
8{series} M8 Coupé 12.20 m
4{series} M4 Coupé 12.20 m
4{series} M4 CSL Coupé 12.20 m
3{series} M3 Touring 12.20 m
6{series} GT 12.30 m
7{series} M Performance 12.30 m
i5 Limousine 12.30 m
i5 Touring 12.30 m
8{series} Gran Coupé 12.30 m
7{series} 12.30 m
5{series} M Performance Limousine 12.40 m
i4 12.50 m
i4 M Performance 12.50 m
X6 M Performance 12.60 m
5{series} M5 CS Limousine 12.60 m
X6 12.60 m
X5 12.60 m
5{series} M5 Limousine 12.60 m
X5 M Performance 12.60 m
X4 M 12.60 m
8{series} M Performance Gran Coupé 12.60 m
X3 M 12.60 m
4{series} M4 Cabrio 12.60 m
iX 12.80 m
X6 M 12.80 m
X5 M 12.80 m
iX M Performance 12.80 m
8{series} M8 Gran Coupé 12.90 m
X7 M Performance 13.00 m
X7 13.00 m
i7 M Performance 13.10 m
i7 13.10 m
7. X2 11.30 m
16. X1 11.70 m
24. iX2 11.90 m
25. iX1 11.90 m
31. X3 12.00 m
36. X4 12.10 m
38. iX3 12.10 m
53. i4 12.50 m
57. X6 12.60 m
58. X5 12.60 m
61. X4 M 12.60 m
63. X3 M 12.60 m
65. iX 12.80 m
66. X6 M 12.80 m
67. X5 M 12.80 m
71. X7 13.00 m
73. i7 13.10 m

How does the turning circle of the BMW 5{series} compare to it's nearest competitors?

How does our beloved Bavarian compare to the motley crew of rivals, you ask? Let's take the gloves off and delve right in. Against the likes of the extravagant Aston Martin DBX and the electric prodigy, Tesla Model 3, the 5 Series asserts itself with a turning circle larger than the Model 3's 11.80m yet more petite than the DBX's behemoth 12.40m. It waltzes around the tight constraints of urban landscapes with more grace than the Audi A8's 12.10m but can't quite match the cheeky agility of the Hyundai Elantra and its 10.10m twirl. It seems, in the vehicular royal rumble of turning circles, the 5er-Reihe positions itself as a distinguished contender, balancing the fine line between luxury and practicality, a true testament to its German engineering lineage.

BMW 5{series} vs. similar cars

(Turning circle)
Turning circle: BMW 5{series} vs. similar cars
Car modelTurning circle
Aixam Emotion 20208.00 m
Aixam Ambition 20238.00 m
Microcar Dué 20198.30 m
Microcar M.Go 20198.30 m
Ligier JS 50 20198.70 m
Casalini 550 20229.00 m
Casalini M20 20229.00 m
Ligier JS 60 20209.50 m
Hyundai Grand Santa Fe 201311.20 m
Mercedes-Benz CLS 200411.20 m
Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse 200011.30 m
Hyundai ix55 200911.40 m
Jaguar XF 200811.50 m
Cadillac XT4 202011.60 m
Mercedes-Benz GLB 201911.70 m
Mercedes-Benz R-Klasse 200511.70 m
Mercedes-Benz GLC 201511.80 m
Peugeot 508 201011.80 m
Hyundai Staria 202111.90 m
ALPINA XD3 201311.90 m
BMW X5 200012.10 m
ALPINA XD4 201812.10 m
Audi A8 200212.10 m
Mercedes-Benz GL-Klasse 200612.10 m
BMW 5er-Reihe 202312.30 m
Audi Q8 201813.30 m
Jeep Gladiator 202113.70 m

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