Comparison: Boot space Audi Q3 vs. competitors 2024

How much cargo can handle this medium SUV?

When you think Audi Q3, you might imagine a suave, urbanite kind of SUV, one that's as comfortable nipping to the supermarket as it is embarking on a weekend jaunt to the countryside. But let's cut to the chase, what's truly mesmerizing about the Audi Q3 is its boot space. In the world of compact SUVs, where every cubic centimeter counts like calories in a diet plan, the Q3 makes its mark not just with its premium badge but with a boot that's ready to swallow your weekly shopping, and then some.

Audi Q3 - How has the boot space changed over the generations?

Since its inception, the Audi Q3 has been playing a game of 'Now you see me, now you see more of me' with its boot space. The first generation (Q3 8U 2011-2014 and its Facelift in 2015-2018) offered 460 liters of boot space, which, while respectable, always had room for improvement. Audi took this feedback and turned it into action – the current generation (Q3 F3 2018-now) boasts a boot space of 530 liters. That's a significant leap forward, showing that Audi isn't just about making cars that look good parked on your driveway; they're also about practicality.
The difference in Boot space between first generation (8U) from 2011 and last generation (F3) from 2018 is 70 l.
The boot space of the current generation of Q3 is 530 l.


Audi Q3 variants: Q3 vs. Q3 Sportback vs. RS Q3 vs. RS Q3 Sportback

(Boot space)
Boot space: Audi Q3 variants
Variant nameBoot space
Q3530 l
Q3 Sportback530 l
RS Q3530 l
RS Q3 Sportback530 l

The boot space compared to other Audi models

In the grand scheme of Audi's lineup, the Q3 sits comfortably in the middle when it comes to boot space. It dwarfs the boot capacity of the more diminutive A1 and A3 models, which offer up to 335 and 380 liters respectively, yet it doesn't overreach into the territory of its bigger siblings like the Q7 and Q8, which pack a much heftier punch in the luggage department. It's the Goldilocks of Audi's SUV range – not too small, not too large, but just right for those who lead a lifestyle that demands flexibility without compromise.

Audi Q3 vs other current cars by Audi

(Boot space)
Boot space: Q3 vs. other models by Audi
Variant nameBoot space
A3 Sportback g-tron 280 l
RS3 Sportback 282 l
RS3 Limousine 321 l
S3 Limousine 325 l
S3 Sportback 325 l
A1 Sportback 335 l
A1 citycarver 335 l
A1 allstreet 335 l
RS e-tron GT 350 l
SQ2 355 l
A5 Cabriolet 370 l
S5 Cabriolet 375 l
A3 Sportback 380 l
e-tron GT 405 l
Q2 405 l
RS5 Coupé 410 l
A3 Limousine 425 l
A5 Coupé 450 l
A4 Limousine ) 460 l
RS5 Sportback 465 l
A5 Sportback 465 l
A4 allroad ) 495 l
RS4 Avant ) 495 l
A4 Avant ) 495 l
SQ5 Sportback 500 l
A8 ) 505 l
S8 ) 505 l
Q5 Sportback 510 l
SQ5 510 l
Q5 520 l
Q4 e-tron 520 l
Q6 e-tron 526 l
SQ8 e-tron Sportback 528 l
Q8 e-tron Sportback 528 l
S6 Limousine ) 530 l
Q3 530 l
Q3 Sportback 530 l
RS Q3 530 l
RS Q3 Sportback 530 l
A6 Limousine ) 530 l
Q4 e-tron Sportback 535 l
S7 Sportback ) 535 l
RS7 Sportback ) 535 l
A7 Sportback ) 535 l
RS6 Avant GT ) 548 l
RS6 Avant ) 565 l
A6 allroad ) 565 l
S6 Avant ) 565 l
A6 Avant ) 565 l
SQ8 e-tron 569 l
Q8 e-tron edition Dakar 569 l
Q8 e-tron 569 l
SQ8 605 l
Q8 605 l
RS Q8 605 l
Q7 867 l
SQ7 887 l

How does the boot space of the Audi Q3 compare to it's nearest competitors?

But how does the Q3 stack up against its rivals in the compact SUV arena? Let's start with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which offers a scant 15 liters less boot space, demonstrating that Italian flair sometimes comes with a small sacrifice in practicality. The Mercedes-Benz EQB trails with 35 liters less, showing that even in the electric SUV market, the Q3 holds its ground impressively. Moving on, the Genesis GV70 comes in with a bit more room, besting the Q3 by 12 liters – a reminder that the battle for boot space supremacy is fiercely contested. Lastly, the Toyota Highlander, a behemoth by comparison, offers a cavernous 241 liters more, but with its much larger dimensions, it's like comparing apples to oranges - or in this case, full-sized SUVs to their compact cousins.

Audi Q3 vs. similar cars

(Boot space)
Boot space: Audi Q3 vs. similar cars
Car modelBoot space
Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2005958 l
SsangYong Rexton 2003935 l
Cadillac XT4 2020637 l
Hyundai Grand Santa Fe 2013634 l
SsangYong Kyron 2005625 l
Ford Edge 2016602 l
Hyundai ix55 2009598 l
Jaguar E-Pace 2018577 l
Mercedes-Benz GLB 2019570 l
ALPINA XD3 2013550 l
Audi Q3 2018530 l
ALPINA XD4 2018525 l
Mercedes-Benz GLC 2015505 l
Alfa Romeo Tonale 2022500 l
Volvo XC60 2008495 l
SsangYong Korando 2011486 l
BMW X2 2018470 l
Hyundai Santa Fe 2001469 l
BMW X5 2000465 l
Renault Koleos 2008450 l
MG HS/EHS 2021448 l
Citroen C-Crosser 2007441 l
Infiniti QX30 2016430 l
Peugeot 4008 2012416 l
Ford Kuga 2008410 l
KIA Retona 1999394 l
Dodge Nitro 2007389 l
Hyundai Tucson 2004325 l
SsangYong Actyon 2006321 l
Land Rover Freelander 1998311 l

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