Comparison: width Ford Fiesta vs. competitors 2024

The Ford Fiesta, a stalwart in the compact car segment, has been around for quite some time, hopping from one generation to another, constantly evolving. One of the critical dimensions that buyers often scrutinize is the vehicle's width. The width essentially influences everything from handling dynamics to interior space, making it an important factor. The current Ford Fiesta, reintroduced in 2022, boasts a width of 1735 mm, offering a good balance of maneuverability and stability. But how has this width evolved over the generations? How does the current model stand against its own stablemates and the competing throng of compact cars? Buckle up because this analysis will give you the lowdown on all of this.

Ford Fiesta - How has the width changed over the generations?

Over its generations, the Ford Fiesta has seen several changes in width. The first generation, running between 1976 and 1983, had a modest width of 1567 mm. However, the second stint (1983-1989) slightly shrunk to 1549 mm, a retrograde step that might have felt slightly snug. The third generation (1989-1996) brought a significant change, expanding to 1606 mm, offering better stability and more elbow room. Entering the 21st century, the Fiesta continued on this trend. The sixth generation (2008-2012) saw the width balloon to a whopping 1722 mm. Come 2017, Ford tuned the width to 1735 mm, where it remains in the latest 2022 facelift version. This historical widening has not just enhanced the Fiesta's road presence but also provided a more comfortable cabin for occupants.

Ford Fiesta generations

Ford Fiesta generations
Generation yearWidth
Fiesta, Model year 1976 (I)1567 mm
Fiesta, Model year 1981 (I (1. Facelift))1567 mm
Fiesta, Model year 1983 (II)1549 mm
Fiesta, Model year 1989 (III)1606 mm
Fiesta, Model year 1996 (IV)1634 mm
Fiesta, Model year 1999 (V)1634 mm
Fiesta, Model year 2001 (VI)1683 mm
Fiesta, Model year 2005 (VI (1. Facelift))1683 mm
Fiesta, Model year 2008 (VII)1722 mm
Fiesta, Model year 2013 (Fiesta VII (1. Facelift))1722 mm
Fiesta, Model year 2017 (Fiesta VIII)1735 mm
Fiesta, Model year 2022 (Fiesta VIII (1. Facelift))1735 mm
The difference in width between first generation (I) from 1976 and last generation (Fiesta VIII (1. Facelift)) from 2022 is 16.8cm mm.
The width of the current generation of Fiesta is 1735 mm.

The width compared to other Ford models

Within the Ford lineup, the Fiesta slots itself neatly as a compact, yet engaging car. Its current width of 1735 mm makes it more petite than SUVs like the Ford EcoSport which stands at 1765 mm, and it’s easily outscaled by the Ford Puma’s 1805 mm. Even the Ford Focus, another compact contender, surpasses it with a width of 1825 mm. Despite being smaller, the Fiesta’s compact dimensions grant it an ease of handling that bigger, roomier models might lack. This makes it a fantastic car for urban environments where tight lanes and parking spaces become a daily dance.

Ford Fiesta vs other current cars by Ford

Width: Fiesta vs. other models by Ford
Variant nameWidth
Fiesta 1735 mm
Transit Courier {VAN} 1764 mm
EcoSport 1765 mm
Tourneo Courier 1800 mm
Puma 1805 mm
Puma ST 1805 mm
Focus 1825 mm
Focus Turnier 1825 mm
Focus ST Turnier 1825 mm
Focus ST 1825 mm
Transit Connect {VAN} 1835 mm
Transit Connect Kombi 1835 mm
Focus Active Turnier 1844 mm
Focus Active 1844 mm
Tourneo Connect 1855 mm
Explorer EV 1871 mm
Mustang Mach-E 1881 mm
Kuga 1882 mm
Mustang Mach-E Rally 1882 mm
Kuga Active 1882 mm
Mustang Convertible 1916 mm
Mustang Fastback 1916 mm
S-MAX 1916 mm
Galaxy 1916 mm
Ranger 1918 mm
Bronco 1928 mm
Ranger Raptor 1968 mm
Transit Courier Kombi 1976 mm
Transit Custom Kombi 1986 mm
Transit Custom {VAN} 1986 mm
Transit Custom Kombi Nugget 1986 mm
Explorer 2004 mm
Transit Custom Nugget 2032 mm
E-Transit Custom Kombi 2032 mm
E-Transit Custom {VAN} 2032 mm
Tourneo Custom 2032 mm
E-Tourneo Custom 2032 mm
Transit Kombi 2059 mm
E-Transit {VAN} 2059 mm
GT 2114 mm

How does the width of the Ford Fiesta compare to it's nearest competitors?

When we steer into competitor territory, the Fiesta holds its ground admirably. Compared to the Nissan Micra at 1595 mm wide, the Fiesta is significantly broader, lending it a more planted stance. The Opel ADAM at 1720 mm wide also falls short of the Fiesta's dimensions. On the other hand, the Volvo C30, wider at 1782 mm and longer at around 4252 mm, gives it a more substantial look but might compromise on maneuverability. The Fiesta navigates this battle of widths with a balanced approach, providing just enough interior room while being nimble. Dimensions like length and wheelbase play a vital role too. The Micra’s shorter wheelbase and length might make it more agile, but the Fiesta’s broader width offers better stability and interior comfort. In essence, the Fiesta strikes a harmonious balance, delivering just enough size and dexterity for the modern driver.

Ford Fiesta vs. similar cars

Width: Ford Fiesta vs. similar cars
Car modelWidth
Fiat Sedici 20061775 mm
Peugeot 207 20061748 mm
Audi A1 20101740 mm
Peugeot 208 20121739 mm
Ford Fiesta 20221735 mm
Suzuki SX4 20061730 mm
Alfa Romeo MiTo 20081720 mm
Citroen DS 3 20101715 mm
Mitsubishi Carisma 19991710 mm
Hyundai i20 20091710 mm
Nissan Almera 20001706 mm
Citroen ZX 19941702 mm
Daihatsu Charade 20111695 mm
Toyota Yaris 20061695 mm
Toyota Corolla 20001690 mm
Honda Concerto 19901690 mm
Nissan Sunny 19911690 mm
MINI MINI 20011688 mm
MG ZR 20011688 mm
Volvo 440/460/480 19931686 mm
Ford Escort 19951685 mm
Honda Jazz 20041675 mm
Citroen C3 20021667 mm
Fiat Punto 19991660 mm
Peugeot 206 19981652 mm
Lancia H.P.Executive 19821650 mm
Opel Corsa 20001646 mm
Renault Clio 20031639 mm
Alfa Romeo 33 19901614 mm
Peugeot 205 19901572 mm

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